Why should I read reviews before buying a product?
Online reviews are a reliable source of information about a product. 92% of the consumers read online reviews before buying a product. Product manufacturer usually only lists the product specification but user reviews helps customers get more information about a product like experience after use, details about a specific feature, any glitches in use of product & more. Therefore, reviews play a very important role in making a decision about buying a product.
About 88% of the consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
How ReadyViews will help me find best product with user reviews?
40% of the consumers form an opinion just by reading one to three reviews, which at times may not be sufficient to make an informed buying decision. However, reading numerous reviews across multiple websites is very time consuming and confusing. ReadyViews brings you a perfect solution for this problem. It reads reviews, analyzes them with complex AI algorithm and prepares a summary and score for you to make a quick informed decision. You can easily shop the best product based on user reviews in lowest price at leading online stores in India.
How ReadyViews is different from other reviews sites?

Unbiased Review Analysis - Our review analysis is completely unbiased and we do not endorse any specific brand or online store.

Feature Based Feedback Summary - Most review sites will only tell you about positive and negative reviews of a product. Whereas, ReadyViews performs detailed Artificial Intelligence (AI) based analysis on the user reviews to give you specific feedback on not only the product as a whole but also its important features. E.g. Review analysis of a mobile phone will provide you user satisfaction feedback of the mobile along with feedback on mobile features like battery life, camera quality, value for money, design & more.

User Experience & Satisfaction Based Rating - We do not take product specification on priority while calculating rating. Our sentiment analysis based advanced algorithm works beyond these static figures. It considers user’s experience of using a product and how well a user is satisfied with the product for calculating “Customer Review Score”.

Product Category Coverage - ReadyViews currently supports 20+ product categories in electronic segment. These range from mobile, laptop, their accessories like headphones, speakers, power banks, wearable devices, storage devices, large home appliances like TV, washing machines, AC, small kitchen appliances like mixer grinder, water purifier etc. Moreover, we keep on adding more product categories for our users over the time.

What is feature based analysis?
Feature based analysis is one of the unique quality of ReadyViews that sets it apart from other review websites.
Usually review websites tell an overall rating of a product but do not tell much on important features of the product.
The Artificial Intelligence (AI) based review analysis of ReadyViews also prepares a review summary and rating for individual features of a product.
So, when you check review of a product, you’ll get a detailed review summary about its features as well. E.g. when you look for review of a TV, you’ll get feedback about its picture quality, sound quality, design, display, usability & more features too. This feature based analysis will help you make a better purchase decision.
For which product categories reviews are analyzed by ReadyViews?
ReadyViews provides analyzed and summarized reviews for 20+ product categories across various segments in electronics. Below is the list of current product categories -
  • Mobile
  • Camera
  • Computing devices - Laptop, Tablet
  • Wearable devices - Smart watches, Smart bands
  • Peripheral devices or laptop accessories - Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Scanner, Projector
  • Storage devices - External disk, Pen drive
  • Networking devices - Router
  • Power solutions - Power banks
  • Audio Devices - Audio player, Speaker, Headphones
  • Large home appliances - TV, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator
  • Small kitchen appliances - Juicer Mixer Grinder, Microwave, Water purifier
What are the sources of ReadyViews review analysis?
ReadyViews gathers product feedback and ratings from various sources to provide you the most reliable review summary that you can trust for shopping. We collect reviews of products from - Online stores -
Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal.
Expert reviews
Video Reviews
How can I find lowest price product with good reviews?
Along with reviews, ReadyViews also lists price and availability of products on leading online stores of India. So, you need not hop over multiple websites to check reviews and find prices. All information available at one place will help you find the best product with ease. Above all, you can shop it at the same time in lowest price in India. Time Saver.. sigh!
Does ReadyViews have a browser extension?
Yes, ReadyViews provides an easy way to get reviews of products while browsing online shopping sites through its browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Just install these and you will get product reviews of the product right next to product details while you check a product on an eCommerce website. Simple and cool, ain’t it!

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