What is ReadyViewsTM ?

It will be a great relief, if we get all the user reviews posted on leading online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. with filtered, crisp and simple yet effective information about the mobile phone. Isn’t it?

We, at ReadyViews are doing this to give you summarized information and to assist you make better buying decision.

How ReadyViews works ?

We fetch verified customers reviews from online stores, analyze them using machine learning and artificial intelligence.
See the info-graphics below -

how readyviews fetch verified customers reviews from online stores likemobile, tv, laptop, refrigerator, air-conditioner, washing-machine, microwave-oven, tablet, camera, powerbank, pendrive, external-hard-drive, projector, router, printer, scanner, mouse, keyboard, speaker, headphone, audio-player, mixer-grinder, water-purifier, wearable-deviceand analyze them using artificial intelligence

How Do We Calculate The Ratings ?

Our machine learning algorithm analyzes mobile owner feedbacks and measures perceived-satisfaction on various features. These feedbacks are labelled as [ Good | Neutral | Bad ]-

Good: Customer is happy.

Bad: Customer is unhappy.

Neutral: Customer is OK.

For every feature, we calculate percentages for each label and display it. These information can quickly tell you that which features of a mobile are attractive for consumers.

What is Consumer Opinion Score?

Consumer Opinion Score is a number on scale of 1 to 100, assigned to each product by our ranking algorithm.
Products ranked with high Consumer Opinion Score, are more satisfactory.

Consumer Opinion Score depends on various factors, few of them are -

  1. Ratings calculated for each feature
  2. Importance of particular feature for good user experience
  3. For how long product is in market
  4. Feedback trends over the time
  5. Popularity trends of products on various stores
  6. Product's price & stock fluctuation trends.

You can quickly refer below ranges to know about product market reputation -

100 - 81
80 - 61
60 - 41
40 - 21
20 - 1