How ReadyViews Works ?

RV shree - the review analyzer
Hey, this is Review Shree
Review Analyser
With a lot of brands and models in the market, it gets very difficult to find one that suits your requirements and is in your budget. Review Shree collects verified customers reviews from leading Indian online stores and performs an unbiased analysis.
Review shree collects all reviews
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ReadyViews is a smart review analyzer with the goal of making it effortless to find the best product with its AI-based search engine.
Review Shree then provides an overall score for mobile phones, television, laptop and other 21 categories of electronics based on customer feedback and reviews.
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Review Shree continuously keeps crawling to search newly added and updated reviews & processes them for you to make an informed and better buying decision. Review Shree also provides availability and price of the product on various online stores to help you finding the best deal around you in the laziest way ever & saving loads of money.
So, using Review Shree you can end up with a decision to buy the right product from the right shopping marketplace with the right price. So, all things can be right for you using ReadyViews. Try It now! WE ARE EVERYWHERE.
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ReadyViews is everywhere.

How Do We Calculate The Ratings ?

Our machine learning algorithm analyzes mobile owner feedbacks and measures perceived-satisfaction on various features. These feedbacks are labelled as [ Good | Bad ]-

Good: Customer is happy.

Bad: Customer is unhappy.

For every feature, we calculate percentages for each label and display it. These information can quickly tell you that which features of a mobile are attractive for consumers.

What is Score?

Score is a number on scale of 1 to 100, assigned to each product by our ranking algorithm.
Products ranked with high Score, are more satisfactory.

Score depends on various factors, few of them are -

  1. Ratings calculated for each feature
  2. Importance of particular feature for good user experience
  3. For how long product is in market
  4. Feedback trends over the time
  5. Popularity trends of products on various stores
  6. Product's price & stock fluctuation trends.

You can quickly refer below ranges to know about product market reputation -

100 - 81
80 - 61
60 - 41
40 - 21
20 - 1